MACROVegan Cooklets

THEY WOULDN’T BELIEVE IT'S HEALTHY! Delicious, decadent, delightful – these are words that most people don’t associate with healthy food but you can have your cake and eat it with The MACROVegan Cooklets. My recipes pave the way to delectable dining using only the healthiest ingredients. Our dessert treats are all made without dairy and free from refined sugars and additives. You, your family and that friend who always says they couldn’t live without her guilty pleasures will be blown away by these mouth-watering treats. Get all ten easy to follow recipes and be ready to have more people lining up for a visit. A slice of heaven awaits you. I wish you all ‘sweet success’!

Marlene x

What People Are Saying About MACROVegan Cooklets

I am so happy I purchased your Cooklets. What a joy to have a delicious collection of soups that I can cook quickly and easily from my ipad. I literally live on soups and your Soup Cooklet ticks all the boxes with such a wide range of tastes and textures. To see what the finished dish looks like is a huge bonus for me and I would imagine for many others. The photographs are stunning. The recipes taste amazing and my friends who I have treated with your culinary delights were hugely impressed by my cooking skills.  The desserts are equally impressive. It is such a challenge to make imaginative and delicious sweets with no dairy or sugar, you have outdone yourself.  As you say, you can have your cake and eat it with your naturally sweetened treats. Thanks to you for making it so quick and easy to create your fabulous recipes. I cannot wait for the rest of the collection to be available to purchase. 

Tracy Case, Business Development, U.K.